Worry free. Hassle free. Gluten free. 




Our philosophy

Like you, we've struggled to get safe food while on-the-go. We've also grown increasingly frustrated by the lack of clarity and transparency with food labels. So what is our philosophy?

Convenience. Safety. Transparency.

We partner with brands that are transparent about

ingredients and manufacturing settings. All products are certified gluten free by the Gluten Intolerance Group and/or manufactured in a completely gluten free facility. The only things included in our packs are products our team feels safe eating ourselves and giving our family members with celiac disease.

A message from our founder

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2011 after years of unexplained symptoms: joint pain, hair loss, and digestive issues. In the years since my diagnosis, I have found it has become easier to buy gluten free groceries or eat at upscale restaurants, but eating on-the-go is still really challenging. 


of patients with

celiac disease feel they

cannot live a normal life

(iCure Celiac, January 2018)

In 2018, while traveling to Thailand, I found myself spending over $25 on gluten free packaged snacks in the airport in order to create some semblance of a meal. After returning home, I started doing some research and talking to other patients. I quickly realized I wasn't alone in my experience. The inability to get convenient, on-the-go food has serious implications for anyone with a major food restriction! 

I was determined to create a better alternative to overpriced snacks and squished gluten free bread. So, I founded Packed. by Sarah! With a

shelf-stable option, there is no limit to where patients can go while eating gluten free food. As a celiac patient,

I understand the importance of safety

and transparency, so I hand select

each of the brands we partner with.

I was determined to create a better alternative to overpriced snacks and squished gluten free bread.

Packed. by Sarah was founded on the belief that life is limitless, even if your diet can't be. I hope you all join me in the quest to living #TheLimitlessLife!

p.s. I would LOVE to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to reach

out with ideas, thoughts, or feedback at sarah@packedbysarah.com!