Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the contents safe for people with celiac disease?

A: All contents are either certified gluten free and/or manufactured in a 100% gluten free environment. Additionally, we completely avoid certain grains, such as oats, that can be challenging for people with celiac disease. 

Q: When will my subscription box ship?

A: All subscription boxes are shipped the 15th of every month. Orders must be placed before the 1st of the month to receive that month's box. 

Q: What is included in each box?

A: Each box includes 5 convenient on-the-go packs to grab for activities in which you may need a safe gluten free meal. 

Q: How can I customize what is in each box?

A: Complete this survey here to select which flavor jerky, dried fruit, and snack size you would like in your box. If you do not complete the survey within one week of your first shipment we will provide you with a variety of flavors!

Q: What if I have allergies or food restrictions other than gluten?

A: All products except for the snack mix are dairy free. For other allergies/restrictions, please reach out to We have made custom adjustments where necessary and are happy to accommodate whenever possible. 

Q: Can I purchase a subscription box for somebody else/as a gift?

A: Of course! There's no better gift than the freedom to eat gluten free wherever one's heart desires! Simply ensure the shipping address matches the location at which you would like the box to be delivered. Ensure the survey name for customizing each box matches the name of the individual receiving the box in your order.